Leash Forest Green - Golden edition

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16.57 EUR

2.5 cm wide dog leash with brass details

This leash is a limited edition leash with fancy brass details that are of high quality. It's soft and comfortable and made out of strong nylon with a brass-colored hook. You have the option of choosing a comfort handle to make the leash even more comfortable to hold. Match the leash with a Golden edition collar.

When choosing the length of the leash, consider what you and your dog need and the task. Below you can read some recommendations and examples:

  • 120 cm is a short leash and fits well in contexts where you want the dog close. For example, urban environment.
  • 180 cm is the length of a standard leash. A standard leash can be used every day, for example for training or walking.
  • 160, 200, 220 cm. You can choose this length if you think that the standard length of 180 cm is too short or too long for you and your dog.
  • 300 cm is a longer leash that fits well in situations when you want to give your dog more freedom, for example during a forest walk or summoning training.

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