Martingale Forest Green - Golden edition

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Supplier: Hundstaff

4 cm wide Martingale dog collar with brass details

Martingale Forest Green Golden edition is a limited edition collar with fancy brass details that are of high quality. This collar is perfect for the summer when our dogs are seen and noticed a lot. You can easily take off the collar if you want to let go of your dog. The collar takes up little space, which means that you can easily put it in your jacket pocket while the dog is loose.

Choosing the right size: Measure the dog's neck circumference where the collar usually sits. Using this measure, select the size in our size chart. Find the dog's neck circumference in parentheses in the size chart. Example: If your dog has a neck circumference of 43 cm, then sizes 45 (35-45 cm) and 50 (40-50 cm) are suitable.

Keep in mind that the dog's head circumference, where it is largest, must be at least as large as the maximum size of the collar so you get it over your head.

All our products are tailored, so the estimated delivery time will be approx. 8-12 days.