Weight harness

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127.35 EUR

Train your dog with our weight harness.

How do you exercise your dog? Is it by running? Swimming? or long walks?

Professional training requires both knowledge, proper food and good exercise tools.

Our weight harness helps to strengthen the dog's: 

  •  neck muscles 

  •  breast muscles 

  •  Abs muscles 

The weights are 5 cm wide and 1 weight weighs approx. 300gr.

 We recommend you to X-ray your dog before doing any exercise so you know if the dog have any problems with elbows or hips. 

The dog should be able to do its usual movements with the harness. The exercise should start with only one weight in and then slowly increase in weight after about 2-3 weeks.  When increasing weights you add 1 weight on each side of the harness. 

It can be ordered in other sizes if needed - contact us at [email protected] for more information.