Platinum gray - gray dog bed with name

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Supplier: Hundstaff

Dog bed with name - platinum grey

The PLATINUM series consists of dog beds of the highest quality.

Our beds are made out of soft and cosy material that your dog will love. The material is durable and the fabric is removable, making it easy to clean while the beds maintain their quality over a long period of time. As a filling, we use so-called artificial feathers that have anti-allergic properties.

The price includes:

-3 toys/pillows

-Write the dog's name (up to 10 letters)

-Embroidery on the heart (up to 20 letters)

-Free shipping

-2-year warranty

All our beds are sewn by hand and the estimated delivery time will be approx. 10-14 working days.

If you order a bed & other products at the same time then It will be sent in 2 separate packages.

Do you want to get the bed without text and heart? Do the following:

Without heart - enter in the field "Without heart"

Without text on the heart - leave the field blank.

Without a name - leave the field blank.

Check out the size chart to get the right size of the bed: