Active Gray 4cm wide gray dog collar

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Supplier: Hundstaff

4 cm wide colourful dog collar of high quality.

The Active Grey dog collar is made out of three layers of nylon material that are sewn together with strong polyester seams that makes the dog owner feel safe. A unique collar that makes your dog visible from afar. Can be used for walks, training, fairs and various activities.

All our products are tailor-made. The estimated delivery time is approx. 5-10 working days.


Words from our satisfied customers:

"We are very happy with our collar from Hundstaff. Nice and durable, in addition, it is incredibly soft and feels nice against the fur compared to similar wide collars. Both thumbs up!"

"Incredibly nice collars with very good quality. Not at all as" hard "as such collars can be, these are softer and sit comfortably on the dog. Very nice staff who respond quickly to questions and thoughts! Many thumbs up!"