Camo Grey Set

I lager.

47.66 EUR

 Camo Grey Set, leash and martingale collar

 This set contains a 180cm long leash and a Camo Grey Martingale collar.


Measure your dogs neck circumference and find the right size in the size chart. Keep in mind that the dogs head circumference, where it is largest must be at least as large as the collars maximum size, so you can get it over the dogs head.

Size Table:

Size 35cm - Neck circumference 29- 35cm
Size 40cm - Neck circumference 30 - 40cm
Size 45cm - Neck circumference 35 - 45cm
Size 50cm - Neck circumference 40 - 50cm
Size 55cm - Neck circumference 45 -55cm
Size 60cm - Neck circumference 50 - 60cm
Size 65cm - Neck circumference 55 - 65cm

Fits dogs as hundar som: Amstaff, Staffe, Fransk Bulldog, Bullterrier, Rotweiller, Schäfer, Doberman, Dogo Argentino, Mastiff, Boxer and many more!