Grip Reflex Beige - Beige collar with reflex

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Supplier: Hundstaff

Grip Reflex Beige - Beige dog collar with reflex and handle

The Grip Reflex collar is made for your dog to be seen as well as possible as most walks take place when it's dark in the autumn and the winter. 

The collar is made of 3 layers of nylon and is equipped with soft Minky fleece on the inside which makes it comfortable for the dog.

We have added reflective piping around the entire collar and a handle to the collar. A handle is a good helping tool when handling your dog in different situations.

Increase your dog's visibility and safety with our reflex products!

Do you as a dog handler need to be seen extra well in the dark? Feel free to look at our reflective prints that you will find under the tab "Accessories".

Which width should you choose? The width of the collar is a matter of taste, we recommend that larger dogs have wider collars.

5cm wide fits i.a. Amstaff, Bully, Rottweiler, American Bulldog, Cane Corso and German Shepherd dogs. 

4cm wide fits i.a. Staffs, French bulldogs, Bull terriers etc.

All our products are tailored made and the estimated delivery time is approx. 5-10 working days.

• reflective piping that makes the dog visible in the dark •

• 4 and 5cm wide •

• comfort for the dog •