About Us

Hundstaff LOVE dogs!

Welcome to Hundstaff's world where we love dogs, dog walks and dog training.

Hundstaff wants to make dog owners feel happy and thats why we create a community where everyone can share nice moments with their dogs.

Our dog models are of course your dogs where the pictures are taken with lots of love. Together with you, we create a wonderful social community where everyone can share their nice dog moments. Is it a regular dog walk, hanging out in a cozy sofa or is it when you train your dog? Everything is shared in our community!

We at Hundstaff understand that the dog owner demands a lot of responsibility that is why we want to simplify the dog ownership by making it fun with our Instagram community and offer safe products. Our products are carefully selected by experts to ensure a high quality.

Together with you, we create an unforgettable memory, THANK YOU!

Do you have pictures and videos that you want to share with us? Then send them to us at [email protected] Or send it to our Facebook page or DMA in Instagram.

Hundstaff's moto

Hundstaff offers handmade, durable and comfortable dog accessories with unique design.

The purpose of our products is that the customer should feel safe while activating his dog in every possible way.

All our products are handmade in Europe. With the help of high quality, good service and fast delivery, we want to make our customers happy.

We are registered for VAT and F-tax.

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