Extendable Flirtpole

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Extendable Flirtpole by Hundstaff

The Flirtpole is extendable up to 90 cm long with a rope of 100 cm - a tug toy is included and is interchangeable.

What is a Flirtpole?

It is a form of training with a focus on the dog's physique where you train speed, body control and fitness. The mental part is activated with the help of a flirtpole where the dog gets an outlet for its hunting instincts, especially for dogs that hunt with their eyes. This activity also builds the relationship between you and your dog as it requires good collaboration.

Things to think about:

Before you start training with a flirtpole, your dog should be well warmed up to reduce the risk of injury and wear and tear on the dog's body. The warm-up can consist of a walk of about 20-30 minutes.

Having a good surface where the dog gets a good grip is a must. Choose a larger area with a lawn without pits or holes, check the surface so it is dry and free of objects that the dog can run into.

To minimize the risk of injury;

  • If the grass / surface is damp, DO NOT exercise
  • Asphalt, do NOT train
  • Avoid quick stops, jumps and tight turns on any surface.

The training with a flirtpole involves the dog running/sneaking and chasing the flirtpole, back and forth, around in a circle in both directions.

The intensity of the game/training varies as it is you who controls it. If you have a dog that gets stressed easily, then train with short repetitions and with many breaks before the dog gets too excited. Be decisive and cancel in time.

How often and for how long?

When the dog is properly warmed up, the training lasts for about 10-20 minutes per session. You can train with the flirtpole 3-4 times a week.

If you have a dog that is unused, start with 5-10 minutes and gradually increase weekly.

A training session can look like this:

× Bring out the flirtpole and command the dog to lie down or sit down.

× Walk a short distance away, start dragging the tug down the hill and give the command "go ahead". The game/training has started.

× When the dog has chased it for a while, reward the dog with a catch, then command for example "loose" and ask the dog to lie down or sit down again.

× When the dog is calm, you continue just as when you started the activity.

Clear commands, reward and passivity between repetitions is essential.

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